Cleve Jones reflects on moving life events depicted in 'When We Rise'

PRIDE and the PROAct - Cleve Jones

Cleve Jones: My struggle for LGBT rights over the decades - BBC Newsnight


SF Chronicle Datebook - Books open children’s minds to quests for justice and equality

“Slowly/ Over time./ One step at a time./ That’s how change is made.” Seven such pensive verses neatly thread through this multilayered picture book. Like the AIDS Memorial Quilt itself, last on full display on the Washington Mall in 1996 and now on partial display in San Francisco‘s Golden Gate Park, the book covers a lot of ground. Foremost is the story of how the quilt has grown from an idea in 1985 to a tangible national memorial for those lost to AIDS. (It weighs 54 tons!)

Vice - The Harvey Milk I Knew

In this excerpt from Cleve Jones's memoir, When We Rise: My Life in the Movement, the prominent gay rights activist delivers a speech that crystalizes Milk's impact.

SF Chronicle - Harvey Milk’s bullhorn returns to the Castro to honor an overlooked champion of labor, gay rights

There are more than a few old photographs of Harvey Milk with a bullhorn in his hand — or else somebody holding the horn for him while Milk shouts into the mouthpiece, gathering a movement around him. “Harvey used many bullhorns over the years at many different marches and rallies,” says Cleve Jones, a close ally of Milk’s and a longtime LGBTQ rights activist, “but he only owned one himself.” - How the AIDS Quilt Allowed Millions to Memorialize the Epidemic

The AIDS Memorial Quilt—with 1,920 individual panels, each inscribed with the names of people lost to AIDS—was displayed for the first time on October 11, 1987. It has grown ever since.

Advocate - Cleve Jones on What Gayborhoods Will Look Like After COVID-19

LGBTQ+ neighborhoods were already dying. Activist icon Cleve Jones discusses how the pandemic will continue to transform them.

Out - Cleve Jones Has Spent the Last Five Decades Fighting for LGBTQ+ People

The activist, who conceived the AIDS Memorial Quilt, calls Harvey Milk, his mentor, "an ordinary man."

People - When We Rise Inspiration Cleve Jones' Journey from Suicidal Teen to World-Famous LGBTQ Activist

Cleve Jones, the man behind the iconic AIDS Memorial Quilt, is an inspiration for the new ABC miniseries When We Rise

The Guardian - I witnessed the horror of HIV 30 years ago. Here's how we can conquer a pandemic

The danger and politicization of Covid-19 mirrors the HIV/Aids crisis. But there is hope, writes LGBT organizer Cleve Jones


Queer Goggles: Cleve Jones ▶

Legendary LGBT Activist, Author, and lecturer Cleve Jones talks with us about the gay liberation movement, the AIDS Crisis, and surviving and thriving through a pandemic. Nick and Brian were introduced to Cleve through one of our Leadership Academy graduates, Joshua Sanchez. March 31,2021.  

TownSquare with Ernie Manouse: Special Edition: World AIDS Day With Cleve Jones ▶

Cleve Jones, AIDS and LGBTQ+ rights activist, discusses the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, the world’s largest piece of community folk art, and the parallel she sees between the American government’s response to the AIDS virus during the1980s and the current response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jones is this year’s Shelby Hodge Vision Award Honoree, presented by AIDS Foundation Houston, the first AIDS service organization in Texas. December 1, 2020.

LGBTQ&A: CleveJones: Queer Spaces After COVID-19 ▶

How will COVD-19 transform our community's physical spaces? The legendary activist, Cleve Jones joins us to talk about what will happen to the gayborhoods, why we need to start thinking about the queer community in economic terms, and talks about the current state of the LGBTQ+ movement. LGBTQ&A is hosted by and produced by The Advocate magazine, in partnership with GLAAD. October 2020.

Queerantine +Chill: Legendary Activist Cleve Jones in San Francisco ▶

In this special episode of Queerantine + Chill with activist and author Cleve Jones (he/him/his), we compare the beginning of the AIDS epidemic to the coronavirus pandemic, discuss how the quarantine is impacting working people, and so much more. This conversation was recorded on April 5,2020.

The Kitchen Sisters: 95,000 Names: Gert McMullin, Sewing The Frontline ▶

The story of Gert McMullin and the AIDS Memorial Quilt, the Gay Rights Movement in San Francisco, Harvey Milk, The White Night Riots. With interviews with LGBT Rights activist Cleve Jones who worked with Harvey Milk and conceived of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, and John Cunningham, Executive Director of the National AIDS Memorial. June 19, 2020.

Gallup Podcast: LGBT Activist Cleve Jones on the Big Shift in Public Opinion ▶

Gallup has polled on LGBT issues since 1977 -- and some of its findings have marked the largest shifts in U.S. public opinion Gallup has recorded. LGBT activist Cleve Jones joins the podcast to provide context to Gallup's earliest findings, and discusses how Americans' views have changed in the decades since. June 26, 2019.

NPR’s Fresh Air: LGBTQ Activist Cleve Jones: ‘I’m Well Aware How Fragile Life Is’ ▶

Jones lost countless friends to the AIDS epidemic. He became an activist after Harvey Milk's assassination: "Meeting Harvey, seeing his death, it fixed my course." Originally broadcast November29, 2016.

WBUR Radio: LGBT Activist Cleve Jones: 'I Am Old, But I Am Not Cynical' ▶

Cleve Jones discusses the past and present of the LGBT rights movement with Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson, including his belief that the AIDS crisis helped lead to the legalization of same-sex marriage. October 27, 2015.

Studs Terkel, WFMT Radio: Cleve Jones Talks About the NAMES Project Foundation and AIDS Quilt ▶

Cleve Jones talks about the AIDS quilt (NAMES project) that he started, the politics surrounding treating AIDS, and the compassionate feelings that the quilt engenders (compared to American barn raisings). There is a postscript with Mike Savage from Dignity Chicago, a lesbian and gay Catholic organization. September 7, 1988.